Porsche® airbag maintenance

Burbank Porsche® Repair & Performance Specialist

our airbag system maintenance includes:

• Checking the airbag system using the factory diagnostic tool.
• Checking control units.
• Checking impact sensors.
• Checking seat-belt sensors.
• Checking other important sensors
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It is important to receive an airbag system check-up every 4 years to make sure every sensor is properly functioning in case of an accident. The last thing you want is to fall victim to an accident because of faulty sensors.

Doug Weaver owns a Burbank Porsche® pro shop that performs a variety of services including Transmission Services, routine Yearly Services, Brake Fluid Flushes, and Airbag System check-ups. Airbag System check-ups are often overlooked but remain vital to ensuring driver safety.

PS Racing performs an Airbag System maintenance check-up that includes checking the airbag system using the factory diagnostic tool, control units, impact sensors, seat-belt sensors, and other important sensors that aid the airbag system in functioning properly.