Los Angeles Porsche®® Brake
Fluid Flush Mechanic

Burbank Porsche® Repair & Performance Specialist

About Brake Fluid Flushes:

Brake fluid flushes can be heavily overlooked. Over time your brakes can become corroded, contaminated, and rusted by fluids that have been watered down. This is why Porsche® themselves have suggested a routine brake fluid flush every 2 years for optimum performance.
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PS Racing, a Burbank Porsche® pro shop, is dedicated to serving Porsche® customers that come from all over the Los Angeles County including North Hollywood, Santa Clarita, Glendale, Arcadia, Pasadena, Sylmar, Studio City, and others.

PS Racing’s owner, Doug Weaver, is a true professional when it comes to Porsche® automobiles. He is a firm believer in the high quality that Porsche® offers. His services are designed to meet that quality standard Porsche® is known for. He and his team are expertly trained to provide your Porsche® with the necessary services to keep it in tip-top shape including: Brake Fluid Flushes, Transmission Services, Yearly Services, Airbag Check-Ups, and others.