Los Angeles Classic 911 Porsche® Carrera / Turbo 993 Mechanic

The ’95-’98 Carrera/Turbo is a vintage beauty that helped define what Porsche® quality is all about: superior performance. It’s important to service your classic Porsche® so it can run as smooth as the day it was driven off the lot.

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Doug Weaver specializes in all Porsche® models: 911 Carrera, 911 Turbo, Carrera S, Boxster, Cayenne, Panamera, Carrera GT, classic models, and many others. His maintenance expertise includes, but is not limited to: Brakes, Transmissions, Engines, Hoses, Belts, Clutches, Doors, Fuel Systems, Drive Shafts, Throttles, and many other features of all Porsche® models, new or old.

Luxurious Porsche® owners have been satisfied from the greater Los Angeles areas of Sylmar, Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Studio City, and Tujunga by PS Racing’s Burbank pro shop quality Porsche® services. Consistent performance can only be achieved through routine maintenance.

Required yearly service for vehicles that have
low mileage between required service intervals.

  • Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
  • Change engine oil and oil filter*
  • Underside of vehicle and engine compartment: Visual inspection for leaks (oils and fluids) and chafing (lines and hoses)
  • Underbody covers: Visual inspection for completeness, fastening and signs of damage
  • Coolant hoses: Check condition
  • Radiators and air intakes: Visual inspection for exterior soiling and blockage
  • Coolant: Check level and antifreeze
  • Particle filter: Replace filter element
  • Brake system: Visual inspection of the brake pads and brake discs for signs of wear
  • Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing and corrosion
  • Drive shafts: Visual inspection of the boots for leaks and signs of damage
  • Tires: Check condition and tire pressure
  • Door locks, lid locks, safety hook and internal trunk release mechanism (trunk entrapment) of the front lid: Check to ensure that they are adjusted correctly and function properly
  • Vehicle lighting system: Check function
  • All headlights: Check adjustment
  • Horn: Check function
  • Windshield wiper/washer system, headlight washer: Check fluid level and nozzle adjustments, make sure to check the antifreeze during the winter months; check wiper blades
  • Electrical devices as well as indicator and warning lights: Check function
  • Test Drive to inspect the function of brake pedal, parking brake, clutch, automatic speed control, steering, heating, air conditioner and instruments.
  • Oil and fluid visual inspection for leaks.

Required maintenance every 15,000 (24,000 km).

  • Change engine oil (no filters required)
  • Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
  • Anti-pollen filter: Replace filter element
  • Oils and fluids: Visual inspection for leaks
  • Air filter: Check and if necessary replace
  • Crankcase ventilation: Check tightness of hose connections
  • Fuel system: Visual inspection for damages, clearance and tightness of line connections
  • Intake air: Check hoses, lines, and connections for tightness
  • Parking brake: Check free travel of parking brake lever
  • Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for clearance, damage and corrosion
  • Brake fluid: Check level
  • Brake system: Visual inspection of brake pads and brake discs to check for wear
  • Clutch: Check play or final position of clutch pedal
  • Throttle linkage: Check for smooth movement and full throttle opening
  • Resonance flap and Varioram: Check operation (Carrera only)
  • Steering gear: Visual inspection of the bellows for damage
  • Tie rods: Check play and dust boots
  • Power-assisted steering/clutch: Check fluid levels
  • Ball joints: Visual inspection of dust boots for damage, check tightness of wheel alignment adjustment/mounting bolts
  • Manual transmission/axle drives: Check oil level
  • Automatic transmission: Check fluid level
  • Drive shafts: Visual inspection of boots for leaks and damage
  • Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and damage, check tightness
  • Tires and spare wheel: Cheek condition and correct tire pressure
  • Door hinges: Lubricate
  • Door locks, hood locks and safety hook on front hood: Check that they are adjusted and function properly
  • Seat belt: Check operation and condition
  • Seals for doors, hood and roof: Remove rubber residue from body seal Contact areas, apply suitable lubricant
  • Vehicle lights: Check operation
  • All headlights: Check Alignment
  • Horn: Check operation
  • Windshield washer, headlight washer: Check fluid level, nozzle aim and washer fluid freeze protection level and check wiper system operation
  • Check operation: All electrical equipment, indicator and warning lights

Additional service every 30,000 miles (48,000 km).

  • V-Belt and Polyrib belt: Check condition and tension
  • Replace sparks plugs
  • Air filter: Replace filter element
  • Replace both engine oil filters
  • Automatic transmission: Change ATF and ATF-filter
  • Drive belt for power steering pump: Check condition