Porsche® Transmission Services

Burbank Porsche® Repair & Performance Specialist

our transmission service includes:

• Change oil using high-performance oil.
• Change filters.
• Check and set tire pressure.
• Measure depth of tire treads and brake lining.
• Inspect engine, belts, and coolant hoses.
• Top off fluids.
• Fix the annoying “service engine soon” light.
Doug Weaver’s yearly services are specifically designed to optimize the performance of all Porsche® vehicles. Yearly services should never be skipped. Doug’s Burbank service firm, PS Racing, has been performing yearly services on all Porsche® models since 1994.

PS Racing’s yearly services extend to areas such as North Hollywood, Pasadena, Monterey Park, Arcadia, Glendale, and Sylmar. The quality services include oil and filter changes; setting tire pressure; measuring tire tread depth and brake lining; inspecting the engine for leaks, belts, and coolant hoses; topping off fluids; fixing “Service Engine Soon” warning.